Winter Dreams I and II

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Inspired Doll Creations by Kimberly McDermott

Since a young age I have been active and interested in creating. I have sewn just about everything, crocheted, knitted, painted, done a lot of embroidery, and flower arranging to name a few. Throughout the last 31 years I have created and nurtured a huge perennial landscape which in season is constantly filled with multiple blooming plants that provide daily inspiration. Above all I would classify myself a designer and perpetual student. I have worked on and accomplished three separate university degrees, as well as bringing up two now grown children with three grandchildren. My husband and I currently have a dog, a cat, and the neighborhood birds we care for.
Nature and fabric are just two of my loves.

I have enjoyed classes with Eleanor Peace Bailey and Linda Misa, where I learned the clay face work. Many wonderful designers have and continue to inspire me, among them are Cindi Moyer and Susan McMahon. I have found doll making to be full of the variety and challenge that I thrive on. My wish is to constantly improve as I learn and grow.